Custom designed upgraded OEM Electrical Cabinets to fit a Pit Viper drill 271 At Allplant we specialise in electrical options cabinets and control systems for a variety of mining machinery. Connecting our control systems and option cabinets to the machine are our high temp braided wiring harnesses. With our own ...

OEM Electrical Cabinets – Pit Viper Drill2023-03-09T14:09:29+08:00

OMG Rod Sloop electrical conversion project. Allplant Auto Electrics recently completed a successful OMG Engineering Electric Over Hydraulic Rod Sloop conversion project, replacing the conventional diesel engine-hydraulic pump with an electric motor-hydraulic pump that operate the hydraulic functions. The unit has all required safety features for site use. Audible warning alarm when ...

OMG Rod Sloop2023-02-22T11:14:20+08:00

Before and After samples. Allplant Auto Electrics full or partial drill rig rewiring options. Talk to one of our team member for more information or to book a consultation.  

Drill Rig Rewiring2022-03-16T14:49:27+08:00

Allplant Auto Electrics' KOMATSU WA1200-3 - Allplant Electrical local options fit-out as built parts listing, including OEM replacement parts and labour hire in the Pilbara to service mining equipments and reduce down time.

KOMATSU WA1200-3 local option fit-out2022-02-23T14:22:53+08:00

Water cart control systems from Allplant are developed on the “keep it simple” philosophy. This is why at Allplant Auto Electrics, we have developed wiring harnesses and a control system that has proven to be ultra-reliable for use in heavy-duty water carts. Starting with the control panel, it was designed ...

Water Cart Control Systems2022-09-08T13:10:46+08:00

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